Who are you?

Dear Readers,
Revues.org publishing platform has existed for the past ten years. Today, our Electronic newsletter gathers 35 000 faithful subscribers and more than one million people access our journal websites every month.
However, we know very little you, our users. Could you give five minutes of your time to answer a series of online questions? This survey will help us to know you better and to improve the services offered by our platform. Thank you.

Crédits photographiques : « Who are you? », par Davic, licence CC.

Marin Dacos

Marin Dacos is the founder of OpenEdition and is now Open Science Advisor at the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. He has been awarded two Google Digital Humanities Research Awards (2010 and 2011) and the CNRS Innovation Medal (2016).

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2 réponses

  1. Davic dit :

    Thanks for publish my photo!! 😀

  2. Marin Dacos dit :

    Thanks for putting your work in Creative Commons licence!

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