The French policy on research infrastructures and eJournals for the Humanities: Adonis and


Wednesday 20 May, 4.30 – 7.00pm

“The French policy on research infrastructures and eJournals for the Humanities: Adonis and”

Yannick Maignien, Director of Adonis

Marin Dacos, Director of the Centre pour l’édition électronique ouverte (CLEO)

TGE ADONIS means “Integrated access to digital data and documents in the Humanities and Social Science”. It is a French project aiming to build a large digital infrastructure, for Scholarship and Universities. It is both a technological challenge, because of new needs of complex integration from various services and interconnection of heterogeneous data, but above all a human networking effort to promote interoperability, mutualism and collaborative approach, for new questions and new interdisciplinary programs in the Humanities and Social Science.

ADONIS is also involved in a European cooperation about digital infrastructure with the ESFRI Roadmap and DARIAH special project for Art and Humanities.

ADONIS is also aware that digital services, Internet, the Web, are not only more efficient tools, but also contemporary social and cultural constraints redefining deeply the context of Humanities. So, Digital Humanities are a very rich, but also controversial concept! is the longest standing platform for humanities and social science journals in France. Since 1999, it has been open to quality periodicals looking to publish full-text articles online. More than 200 journals have already joined the platform in the domains of history, sociology, anthropology, geography, archaeology, political science, philosophy, literature, etc.

The platform is now run by the Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (Cléo), a unit that brings together the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Graduate School of Social Science (EHESS), Provence University and Avignon University. The Cléo team is based in Marseille and Paris, and is made up of publishers, professionals in the fields of academic affairs and training, and IT application and web technology specialists.

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