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The Breaking Box, par Hansworld

The Breaking Box, par Hansworld

22 September 2005, Revues.org heralded the arrival of its new layout to accommodate the portal’s forty journals. To coincide with the journal trade fair, the Salon de la Revue 2009, we have undergone another makeover to bring the portal up-to-date with its international ambitions, and to better serve its 250 journals, its book collections, the expansion of Calenda and the opening of the Hypothèses platform.

The new site has been designed to respond to the vast expansion of Revues.org, Calenda and Hypothèses. The home page has narrowed to better showcase our 250 journals, our book collections, the 250 notices published by Calenda every month, and our latest addition, a new research notebook platform, Hypothèses. The aim today is to create a full-on catalogue of publications featuring on the portal. It is also our desire to offer more space for spotlighting the latest developments in Revues.org’s publications in all their various forms (Livres & revues, Calenda, Hypothèses).

The increase in the number of journals has produced an explosion in the number and diversity of documents online. Effective indexing has become essential, so that our search engine can stay up to speed. Our new engine combines Revues.org, Calenda and Hypothèses, and will gradually add data from journals shared in partnership with the Cairn and Persée portals. The engine returns results by publication and features a wide range of search filters for refining results quickly and easily, along with indicators of result frequencies per filter. The selection of relevant filters was the result of extensive teamwork, and this process will continue into the future.

Today, Revues.org’s main priority is to become more international. We have embarked on this process by producing an interface partially translated into English, which integrates a journal’s headquarters in the catalogue’s keyword search. This is the beginning of our in-depth internationalisation policy.

The new layout is set to be launched to coincide with the 19th Salon de la Revue (Paris, October 2009); however, it will fall inevitably short of perfection. So we would ask you to be patient as we fix the last few features that are not fully functional. Please do excuse us, but the paint is still wet!

The new site is the work of the whole Cléo team, in cooperation with our faithful graphics creators, the Surletoit collective. The new format would not have been possible without the intervention of a whole series of high-level experts in scientific information, IT and publishing. Neither would it have been possible without the material and institutional support of our trustees, the CNRS, EHESS, Université de Provence, Université d’Avignon, and TGE Adonis.

Crédits photographiques : « The Breaking Box », par Hansworld, licence Creative Commons by-nc-sa

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