« Collective Intelligence workshop », rencontres DARIAH (Londres, 21 et 22 février 2011)

Marin Dacos, directeur du Centre pour l’édition électronique ouverte, participe les 21 et 22 février 2011 à l’atelier « Collective Intelligence » à l’occasion des rencontres DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) à Londres.

Voici le programme de ces journées :

Day 1: Content and information in the Digital Humanities

10:00: Arrival and coffee
10:30: Welcome and introduction
10:45: Position paper: Jan-Christophe Meister (TBC, by videolink)
11:05: Position paper: Susan Screibman
11:25: Position paper: Andrew Prescott
11:45: Discussion. Moderator: Lorraine Warren
12:30: LUNCH
13:30: Discussion. Moderator: Lorraine Warren
15:00: BREAK
15:20: Discussion. Moderator: Lorraine Warren
16:30: CLOSE
19:00: DINNER. Sofra Covent Garden

Day 2: Future development of arts-humanities.net

9:00: Summary of Day 1 and agenda for the day: Stuart Dunn
9:20: Presentation on arts-humanities.net: Valentina Asciutti
9:40: Initial discussion, preparation for breakout groups
10:00: Breakout groups
11:30: Reporting back
12:00: Lunch
13:00: Final discussion. Moderator: Lorraine Warren
15:00: CLOSE

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